What is The Spice Kit Company?


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The Spice Kit is a simple food system for those who WANT to cook ethnic food without a lot of fuss. Perfect for the beginning or experienced chef.

Each Spice Kit contains 12 spices and herbs portioned according to recipe use and a 44 page recipe book to prepare appetizers, soups, salads, chicken, beef, lamb, seafood, vegetarian and desserts.

Our kits are designed for convenience and to keep you organized. The spices and recipe book fit in an attractive box that easily stores on a shelf or in a drawer. No probing through your spice racks and no searching for recipes. The most difficult task is choosing the recipe!

Many of our recipes can be prepared in 30 minutes or less using ingredients found in nearly any grocery store. No searching or making stops at multiple stores for hard-to-find items.

The Spice Kit Company- Easy Ethnic Cooking Kits

Why buy ONE kit that makes ONE meal? Our unique Spice Kits allow you to create DOZENS of home-made, international meals full of flavor and texture to share with your family and friends. Each recipe book includes cooking tips as well as fun trivia about each country encouraging learning as well as great conversation!

Each Spice Kit spice jar is refillable. Whether you need to re-order one spice or an entire kit of spices, we will ship the spice portioned for the jar- you simply fill the jar. This is an affordable and green alternative to buying a new jar of spice.

We know you have many options but believe most spice sets or ready-made sauces fall short. Other spice sets miss the point! You still have to find the recipe, and the spices are portioned as a one-size-fits-all which is not realistic when you cook! Spice kits that have the spices combined and pre-measured to cook one meal are convenient but teaches you nothing about the art and fun of cooking to your liking. Boxed foods, pre-packaged sauces and many restaurant foods can be unhealthy- filled with preservatives, salt, fat, calories and other mystery ingredients leaving you with few choices!

We believe great food is an essential part of a fulfilled, healthy, happy life and cooking should not be difficult or expensive! That’s why we created The Spice Kit Company. From NYC to Tulsa everyone should have access to tasty food right from their own kitchen!