Mexican Spice Kit

Recipe and Spice Cooking Set

Mexican cuisine is a culinary fusion of ingredients and cooking styles from Spanish conquistadors and Indians that were indigenous to the area when the Spanish arrived. The food is recognized for its robust flavors, vibrant garnishments, assortments of spices, and utilizes fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats.

Mexican Spice Kit

The Mexican Spice Kit contains 12 specially chosen Mexican spices and a 44 page recipe book with easy, delicious recipes you order at your favorite restaurant.


Here’s A Peek Inside the Mexican Recipe Book:

Mexican Spice Kit Recipe Book

Our spices are the finest and freshest possible, portioned according to recipe use. They are packaged in FDA approved jars with screw top lids making measuring a breeze.

The spices included in the Mexican Spice Kit:

Mexican Spice Kit Spices

Mexican Spice Kit- Easy Mexican Cooking at Home

The Mexican Spice Kit is on sale for a limited time for $29 with FREE shipping.  Price is reflected in the shopping cart.


Mexican Spice Kit

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