Lebanese Spice Kit

Recipe and Spice Cooking Set

Lebanese cuisine is a thrilling combination of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food and embodies a delicious fusion of spices and herbs that truly tantalizes the taste buds! It is considered one of the healthiest in the world encompassing natural, pure foods nevertheless, don’t confuse nutritious with tasteless.

Lebanese Spice Kit

The Lebanese Spice Kit contains 12 specially chosen Lebanese spices and herbs and a 44 page recipe booklet with easy, traditional recipes you order from your favorite restaurant and more!

A Peek Inside the Lebanese Recipe Book:

Lebanese Spice Kit Recipe Book

Our spices are the finest and freshest possible, portioned according to recipe use. They are packaged in FDA approved jars with screw top lids making measuring a breeze.

The spices included in the Lebanese Spice Kit:

Lebanese Spice Kit Spices

Lebanese Spice Kit- Easy Lebanese Cooking at Home


Lebanese Spice Kit

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