Indian Spice Kit

Recipe and Spice Cooking Set

Indian food is known for its delicious spiciness which reflects a blend of various cultures and civilizations. The country of India is almost equivalent with the word “spice.” For over 3,000 years spices from India have been sought after by people around the globe. The spices used from this region are a sight to behold and give the food its characteristic vivid colors as well as its unique taste and wonderful fragrance.

Indian Spice Kit

The Indian Spice Kit contains 12 specially chosen Indian spices and a 44 page recipe booklet with easy, traditional recipes you order from your favorite restaurant and more!

A Peek Inside the Indian Recipe Book:

Indian Spice Kit Recipe Book

Our spices are the finest and freshest possible, portioned according to recipe use. They are packaged in FDA approved jars with screw top lids making measuring a breeze.

The spices included in the Indian Spice Kit:

Indian Spice Kit Spices

Indian Spice Kit- Easy Indian Cooking at Home


 Indian Spice Kit

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