About Our Spices

The Spice Kit Company strives to provide the finest and freshest spices the world has to offer. Here you can find answers to some common questions about our spices.

Are your spices packaged in food grade containers?
Yes. Our spices are packaged in FDA approved jars with screw top lids.

Are your spices organic?
Our spices are not certified organic however many of our spices are grown wild.

Are your spices gluten free?
Yes, all but Za’atar which contains wheat.

Are your spices packaged on equipment that also packages tree nuts, soy, and dairy products?
Yes. Some spices are, although every attempt is made to reduce and eliminate any cross-contact of products.

How long do your spices last?
Luckily spices don’t spoil, but they do lose flavor over time. Some experts say to replenish your spices every 6 months, some say every year, and some say 2+ years. We believe as long as they taste flavorful, smell fragrant, and are vibrant in color the spices are good and should be usable for 2-3 years. The most important factor to maintaining the longevity of your spices is to store them in a dark, cool, dry place.