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  • Creat delicious memories!
    Create delicious memories with family and friends.
  • Discover the earth
    Discover the earth's finest flavors
  • Enjoy savory Indian curries
    Enjoy savory Indian curries
  • Fresh, heart-healthy Lebanese
    Fresh, heart-healthy Lebanese
  • Mouth-watering Mexican
    Mouth-watering Mexican

The Spice Kit is a convenient, compact, economical food system designed to make International cooking at home quick and easy.

Our spice sets simplify cooking ethnic cuisines by providing the necessary spices and a 44 page recipe book with over 30 delicious, easy recipes- perfect for the beginner cook! You supply the common ingredients from your local grocery store and get the pleasure of putting it all together!

Take a culinary trip to India, Lebanon and Mexico right from your own kitchen!

Indian Spice Kit- Indian Spices and Recipe Set

Indian Spice Kit- $39

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Lebanese Spice Kit- Lebanese Spices and Recipe Cooking Set

Lebanese Spice Kit- $39

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Mexican Spice Kit- Mexican Spices and Recipe Cooking Set

Mexican Spice Kit-$39

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